Management Profiles

District Manager

As a member of the corporate staff responsible for overseeing several unit operations, a District Manager has a broad responsibility. A significant level of commitment and dedication is required to deal with the demands, expectations and personal sacrifice that is part of this position.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Fiscal Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Program Support and Development
  • Compliance

Director of Food Service

The Director of Food Service has the overall responsibility for all aspects of the food service on their campus, including:

Areas of Responsibility

  • Employee and customer relations
  • Budget management
  • Service and presentation standards
  • Production planning and program quality assurance
  • Merchandising
  • Special event planning and supervision
  • Staff scheduling, supervision and morale
  • Kitchen safety and sanitation
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Inventory control
  • Record keeping and legal compliance

Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for overseeing all services associated with food preparation and presentation. The primary focus is coordinating and overseeing the production of high quality food for all meals and catered events.

The Production Manager also has an integral role in maintaining food and labor costs.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Daily food production and quality program presentation
  • Planning and production for special events
  • Staff scheduling and supervision
  • Kitchen safety and sanitation
  • Assist the Food Service Director with purchasing, receiving and inventory control

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is responsible for assisting the Director of Food Service with all aspects of the unit including production, personnel, presentation, and certain financial areas. The primary focus is presentation and quality in all customer viewpoints of the dining facility and all catered events.

The Assistant Director has an integral role in the training and management of full-time and part-time employees, daily production, and sanitation while working with the Director of Food Service to acheive budgetary goals.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Employee and customer relations
  • Front of the house sanitation and ambiance
  • Kitchen sanitation and safety
  • Daily production and quality of all food
  • Assists with planning and execution of all catered events
  • Overall cleanliness and organization of the unit
  • Assist with financial controls
  • Full responsibility of operation in the Director’s absence

Manager in Training

This is a challenging food service position for a career-oriented individual seeking an opportunity to gain management experience in a training environment.
Prior food service experience preferred, however this is a training position and we are looking for an individual that wants to learn and develop a career in food service.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Daily food preparation for a campus community
  • Menu planning and special event catering
  • Inventory control, purchasing and receiving
  • Staffing and training
  • Kitchen safety and sanitation